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Calibrated Soures with Isolator

NoiseWave's NW-CS Calibrated Source Series are broadband calibrated noise sources, ideal for Noise Figure measurement and a variety of built-in test applications. These products feature high output ENR with excellent flatness and stability. Designed for demanding applications, these rugged units can be economically deployed in commercial applications.


Input power:

+28 Vdc

Output Connector:

SMA female

Noise Output Variation:

< 0.01 dB/ºC, < 0.1 dB/%V

Operating Temperature:

0ºC to +85ºC

Storage Temperature:

-65ºC to +125ºC


Model Number Frequency (GHz) ENR (MIN) FLATNESS (dB)


NF: N (f) connector

NM: N (m) connector


SL: Solder Lug input

15: +15 Vdc input Voltage

NoiseWave offers military-screened models,additional standard models, and custom designs with different frequency ranges, output levels, DC supply voltage, and mechanical configurations. Contact the factory to discuss your specific requirements.

NW1.4G1.6-30-CS-I 1.4–1.6 30-35 +/- 0.75
NW2.1G2.5-30-CS-I 2.1–2.5 30-35 +/- 0.75
NW2.7G3.1-30-CS-I 2.7-3.1 30-35 +/- 0.75
NW3.7G4.2-30-CS-I 3.7-4.2 30-35 +/- 0.75
NW5.4G5.9-30-CS-I 5.4-5.9 30-35 +/- 0.75
NW7.2G8.4-30-CS-I 7.2-8.4 30-35 +/- 0.75
NW10.7G12.7-30-CS-I 10.7-12.7 30-35 +/- 0.75
NW17.7G21.2-32-CS-I 17.7-21.2 32-37 +/- 1.00
NW27G30-32-CS-I 27-30 32-37 +/- 1.00
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