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The NW-ATE series is an economical and rugged noise instrument suitable for many applications. Applications for this instrument include system and component wireless testing, signal simulation, 10GigaBit Ethernet, HDTV and CATV testing as well as use as a general purpose test source and as an economical source for bit error rate testing.



White Gaussian Noise


50 Ohms

Output Connector:

SMA female

Noise Attenuator:

127 dB overall in 1 dB steps


Local, Ethernet, and IEEE-488

Operating temperature:

-20ºC to +75ºC


17 x 5.25 x 12.5 inches (3U EIA Rack)


Model Number Frequency Output (dBm) Flatness


BNC: BNC jack output connector

N: N female output connector

75: 75 Ohm impedance

SW: Switch up to 4 Noise Bands

C: Combiner for input signal (6 dB loss signal and noise)

RS: RS232 in addition to Standard IEEE-488

0.1N: Additional 0.1 dB Noise step attenuator 127.9 dB (79.9dB for 18 and 40 GHz)

SA: 127 dB (79dB for 18 and 40 GHz) Signal attenuator in 1 dB steps

0.1S: Additional 0.1 dB Signal step attenuator 127.9 dB (79.9dB for 18 and 40 GHz)

DC: DC coupled signal path

NW100M-ATE 1MHz-100MHz +13 +/- 0.75 max
NW300M-ATE 1MHz-300MHz +10 +/- 1.0 max
NW500M-ATE 1MHz-500MHz +10 +/- 1.0 max
NW1G-ATE 1MHz-1GHz +10 +/- 1.5 max
NW1.5G-ATE 1MHz-1.5GHz +10 +/- 1.5 max
NW2G-ATE 1MHz-2GHz 0 +/- 2.0 max
NW3G-ATE 10MHz-3GHz 0 +/- 2.5 max
NW4G-ATE 10MHz-4GHz -10 +/- 2.5 max
NW6G-ATE 10MHz-6GHz -10 +/- 2.5 max
NW10G-ATE 10MHz-10GHz -10 +/- 2.5max
NW18G-ATE 2GHz-18GHz -14 +/- 2.5max
NW40G-ATE 2GHz-40GHz -20 +/- 4.0 max
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