NoiseWave Corporation is an International supplier of Noise Sources and Test Equipment.

At NoiseWave, we have one goal, – to give you the most reliable, the most advanced and the most
cost effective Noise products, while providing unmatched, superior service.

How we achieve our goal is what separates us from all others.  Sensitive to the ever-changing needs
of Engineers in today's fast paced markets, NoiseWave is founded on these core principals:

  •       Swift delivery of our high-quality products is standard! Customers can always rely
    on NoiseWave to fulfill their order in a matter of days, rather than months!

  •       Competitive pricing every day on all products! NoiseWave will consistently offer
    fair pricing to its customers to support their design needs.

  •       Attention to all needs of our customers is our number one priority! All requests
    for quotes and technical inquiries will be addressed and answered immediately.

  •       Products that meet testing needs for the applications of today and tomorrow.

It’s the “The New Wave in Noise"…………

 A Brief History

Key to our uniqueness, NoiseWave was founded by Microwave and RF Engineers with many decades of design experience in Noise theory and Noise fundamentals!  Only experts with hands-on experience in AWGN could deliver such a high quality product and the personal service that you can expect from NoiseWave. 

Our skills are unique enabling us to meet our customers demands.  NoiseWave’s understanding of telecommunications equipment and various “telecom” applications and markets results in not only delivering superior products, but also delivering expert advice and support.  NoiseWave’s talented engineers, experienced in all applications of Noise, will no doubt answer your questions about Noise.

 NoiseWave is constantly exploring and evaluating new opportunities to enhance our existing product offerings.  The most important validation for NoiseWave is complete customer satisfaction. To that affect, we are dedicated to the continuous development of new products to meet technological demands.

NoiseWave is aware of how important time-to-market turnaround is for our customers; our reliable off-the-shelf products are always delivered rapidly.  For more challenging customer needs, we provide innovative custom solutions and the best technical expertise to meet several applications.  Below is a list of some of the specific applications that NoiseWave’s products meet.  There are many other uses for our highly reliable Noise products.  Be sure to contact us directly to learn how we may meet your testing needs.


Noise Figure Measurement
Built-in test Equipment (BITE)
Military Applications
Military Aircraft
Filter Testing
Electromagnetic susceptibility
GPS receivers
Jamming Systems
Signal-to-noise measurement (S/N)
Carrier-to-noise measurement (C/N)
Eb/No testing
Satellite Communications
Amplifier Testing
Wireless Communications
Cellular/PCS Base Stations
Radar warning receiver (RWR)
Radar Systems
Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

 The New Wave in Noise

Our formula for long-term success is to anticipate our customers changing needs and address and resolve their concerns.  We call it “The New Wave in Noise”.  You will call it “The Solution for Noise”.

NoiseWave accomplishes this through establishing relationships and partnerships with our customers and by asking questions.  The more we know about their products and needs, the better we can serve them.

NoiseWave’s awareness of the shrinking lead-time between new product developments and marketing introductions make us an asset to our customers.  We design flexibility into our products; to provide our customers with the features they need the most.  We understand Noise; we understand Microwave and RF technology and we meet our customers’ demands through the combination of skill, expertise and insight.

NoiseWave Corporation has proven its commitment to its current global customers and welcomes the opportunity to impress more.  We are poised for a long and successful future and eagerly await the future challenges that technology and the telecommunications industry undeniably will deliver!  Experience the new wave in Noise and let us deliver your Noise solution, contact NoiseWave today.

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